Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shortcut Keys

Learning a few short cuts keys will definitely increase your productivity.  Altium comes configured with numerous Short Cut Keys.

It is easy to forget how many short cut keys are available in Altium.

Shortcut Keys | Online Documentation for Altium Products:

If you have dual monitors put the short cuts on your second screen while you work and try to learn a few.

The table below was cut and pasted from Excel.

Schematic and PCB:

G Change Grid
JC Jump to Component
JN Jump to Net
PW Place wire
CTRL + SHIFT + V Smart Paste
SHIFT + C Clear Selection
Q Metric <> English Toggle
O Display Options Menus
X Flip Selection Horizontally
Y Flip Selection Vertically

PCB Editor:

Align Objects:
A C = Horizontal Center
A V = Vertical Center
A L = Left
A R = Right
A T = Top
A B = Bottom
CTRL + SHIFT + D Snap Selected Components to Grid
PT Place Trace (Route)
PS Place String (Text) 
PW Place Working Guides
PV Places VIA (Default Size VIA)
PM Place Multiple Traces (Buses)
SPACE BAR Rotate selected object
R Component Place Modes
M Move Selection
HelpAltium Documentation Link 
TG Polygon Pour Menu
Edit Vertices Shift  +  Space toggles corner modes
CTRL + M Measure (Press CTRL for point to point)
Reports > Measure Primitives Measure Distance Between Primitives.
SHIFT + CTRL + O Set Origin
Ctrl + Left Click Auto Completion
+/-  Change Layer and Drop Via
SHIFT + SPACE BAR Change Routing Angle Modes
* Drop a Via and Continue Routing
SHIFT + R Push and Hug Modes
SHIFT + V Select Via Size
SHIFT + W Select Trace Width
TAB KEY Set Interactive Routing Options (Start a Route then press Tab Key)
S Select Copper
SI Select Inside Area.
SU Select Touching Rectangle.
SS Select Copper PADs and VIAs.
SHIFT + C Clear Selection
CTRL + LEFT Highlight an Entire NET
F5 Toggle Color by Nets / Layers
SHIFT + H Heads up Display - Toggle
SHIFT + S Single Layer Mode - Toggle
+/- KEYs Switch Layers
L View Configuration for Layers
VD Zoom to Used Area
VF Zoom to Board View
3D View:
2 2D View
3 3D View
VB Flip View Top <> Bottom
SHIFT + RIGHT 3D Rotation
Hotspot Snap:
SHIFT + E (Toggles) Grid, Hotspot and
Hotspot (All Layers)
Insight Lens:
SHIFT + M Toggle Insight Lens On/Off
M Move Objects
Paste Special:

ALT + Insert will paste to the current layer

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